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Vol.4 No.2 : Dec. 2016

Original Article

A Cost-Minimization Analysis Comparing Dexmedetomidine with Midazolam and Propofol for Sedation in Mechanically Ventilated Intensive Care Unit Patients

Ji-Hyun Park and Jae-Hong Jeong Pfizer Korea Ltd., Seoul, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):75-81

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Imputation Methods for Item Non-Responses in Survey with Filter Variables: Application to Korean Retirement and Income Panel Survey

Hee-Jung Jee and Hyonggin An Department of Biostatistics, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):67-74

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New Health Technology Assessment for Market Access of Medical Device in Korea: Review of Medical Law, Medical Device Law, National Health Insurance Law

Sae Im Chun Abbott Korea, Seoul, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):82-89

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Review Article

Companion Diagnostics and Targeted Therapy at the Korean Health Technology Assessment Context

Sang-Eun Choi and Eun-A Lim College of Pharmacy, Korea University, Sejong, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):44-52

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The Standards of Clinical Practice Guideline

Soo Young Kim Department of Family Medicine, Hallym University Medical College, Seoul, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):53-57

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A Roadmap to Contain Pharmaceutical Expenditures under the National Health Insurance System

Seong-Ok Kim College of Pharmacy, Inje University, Gimhae, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):58-66

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The Analysis of Definition and Types for Medication Error Used in Foreign Countries

Siin Kim, Sola Han, and Hae Sun Suh College of Pharmacy, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea J Health Tech Assess 2016;4(2):35-43

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